Mutual understanding, cooperation and good will are the very core of our business strategy. Especially in a fast moving, globalized business environment, establishing long term relationships is essential. 


As a consulting and service oriented trading company we can only be successful, if we follow this strategy within our own team too. Hence, we value the partnership with every single one of our employees above all.

Werner Handle, MBA



Werner Handle started working in CEE in 1977, importing and exporting agricultural products, mainly meat and cattle. In 1987 he became Managing Director and co-owner of a major Austrian international food trading company, running more than 25 subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe. He was involved in exporting food from companies like Unilever, Masterfood or Brau Union.

Since 1996 he runs his own trading Company, focused mostly on former Yugoslavia and providing raw material for local meat industries from Austria, Europe, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, US and Canada. In 2011 Werner Handle finished his MBA at Vienna Sales Management Academy.

Petra Thaler



Petra Thaler attended a higher commercial school and joined the company in 2000. She is experienced in all daily procedures in the company. She is well known for her strict judgement in critical situations.

Claudia Eichler



Claudia Eichler came from a German bank! Since 2005 she watches the company's financial development as well as our Investments with accuracy. Additionally she is responsible for internal Controlling.

Michaela Häusler

Accounting and Reporting


Since 2008 Michaela Häusler is guidelining our fiscal development and ruling us to keep all books clear for the next tax or customs examination.

Mag. Marie-Therese Handle-Pfeiffer, BA

Creatives and Marketing


Marie-Therese studied German Philology and Indology and splits her time between the dramatic worlds of the theater and online marketing. She is responsible for ALPENSTERN* brand development and management.

Lorand Varadi



Since 2005 Lorand Varadi acts as freelance representative for Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. He lives in Budapest and visits the HQ twice a year.