Werner Handle Gmbh

international food and beverage trading

23 years of experience

Werner Handle GmbH is an Austrian based food trading company founded in 1996. We are successfully working in

the international agriculture industry, our core business being exporting pork, beef and poultry meat als well as beer from Europe. 

*** Disposable Face Masks ***

The right mask for every face. Soft elastics to secure the masks over your ears and a nose bridge to gently mold the top of the mask to your nose make these masks as comfortable as possible. Suitable for all age groups.


Protect eachother. These will not protect you from being infected, but will keep the aerosoles you emit when speaking, coughin or simply breathing from infecting others.  Not a medical product.



box of 50 pieces

carton of 40 boxes (2.000 piecs)


To recieve our up to date offer, please email to: marietherese@handle.at