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WERNER HANDLE GMBH is an Austrian based Food Trading Company founded in 1996. Our company is successfully working in the international agriculture industry, our core business being exporting pork, beef and poultry meat from Europe.

While today, over 20 years later, traditional meat trading and brokerage in CEE is still our core business, we were always determined to broaden our horizon. Thus, over the years we explored the export of organic and healthy food, wine, alimentary products and food technology.

This wide range of experience in different sectors made life interesting and sharpened our skills with success.

Since 2015 we additionally provide the Asian market with PREMIUM BEER FROM AUSTRIA. Today, we are the distribution partner of the biggest brewing company in Austria, Brau Union Österreich AG, for the Peoples Republic of China. Brau Union Österreich AG is market leader in the Austrian beer category and a member of the Heineken company.

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Werner Handle, CEO

Meat Export

Our network enables us to deliver raw meat for industrial purposes at competitive terms from every exporting country in the world. Product requirements are constantly adopted and developed in cooperation with customers and suppliers. For our suppliers it is generally common to work under International Food Standards like ISO and IFS. Beef (HALAL), Poultry (HALAL), lamb and innards as well as pork, chilled and frozen, are the main articles.

Over a period of two decades, we have built up a considerably large international network of major, reliable suppliers in the field of pork, beef and poultry.

Thanks to our loyal clients we are able to source from six of the ten biggest pork slaughterers in the world, the biggest chicken processor in Germany and move meat from all over the world.

Meat in any form for every market!

Food and Beverages for Asia

In 2015 we made first steps by offering Fast Moving Consumer Goods to China. We were all excited on the possibilities opened in a new, growing but competitive market!


Our partnership with Brau Union Österreich AG enables us to supply the major Austrian beer brands to the Peoples Republic of China. Advanced brewing technology and the membership in the Heineken company warranty highest quality and taste – as well as professional marketing support.

Together we offer you the taste of the Austrian beer culture.

Bottled Beer

  • Gösser Märzen 0,33l
  • Gösser Dunkel 0,33l
  • Gösser Radler 0,33l
  • Edelweiss Hefetrüb 0,5l
  • Edelweiss Snowfresh 0,33l
  • Villacher Glockner Special White 0,25l
  • Kaiser Lager 0,33l
  • Kaiser Weizen 0,33l
  • Kaiser Dunkel 0,33l
  • Steffl Lager 0,33l
  • Steffl Weizen 0,33l
  • Steffl Dunkel 0,33l

Canned Beer

  • Gösser Märzen 0,5l
  • Kaiser 0,5l
  • Steffl 0,5l

Draft Beer

  • Edelweiss Hefetrüb in 30 l KEGs
Austrian Beer for the Asian market!


We invite you to walk a part of the way with us, optimizing your global procurement.

We believe that even in a multi-communication environment it is useful to have close connections in market. We are pleased to offer the following advantages to our partners sourcing from us:

Procurement – buying at competitive prices

The extensive network of suppliers enables us to base our procurement decisions on holistic information straight from the international market. Our daily benchmarks and constant control of quality standards save you time and money – not only in terms of procurement!

Professional logistic coordination

Together with our network of hauliers we coordinate your loadings and shipments – your transports are safe with us! Our reliable just-in-time delivery standards enable our clients to reduce storage quantities and optimize production processes.

Food brokerage & Business Development

As your professional partner, we develop business opportunities and suitable marketing strategies for your product, minimizing your fixed market entry costs in China and guaranteeing a professional presentation. Additionally we consult and support you during any adaption you have to implement to get your product in shape for the Chinese market.

We are not afraid of competition –
it makes us work harder for your benefit!


Trust for Trust - A mutual benefit

Long term partnerships & success

Mutual understanding, cooperation and good will are the very core of our business strategy. In our opinion and especially in a fast moving, globalized business environment, establishing long term relationships is of highest importance – not only for today’s success, but even more so for the days to come.

These values also represent our people strategy within our own company. As a consulting and service oriented trading company, we can only be successful if we enable our employees to live up to their potential. We value the partnership with every single one of our employees above all.

Since 1989 the markets in EEC opened up more and more thanks to EU and the Soviet Union´s peaceful withdrawal of their army from our neighbor countries. Politics have always influenced and changed the lives of many foreign-trade specialists like us, making us constantly move forward and re-invent ourselves. Thus, our company has learned to adapt flexibly to a new environment.


Werner Handle

born 1957, since 1977 active in CEE, importing and exporting agricultural products, mainly meat and cattle. In 1987 he became managing director and co-owner of a major Austrian international food trading company, running more than 25 subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe. He was involved in exporting of food from companies like Unilever, Masterfood or Brau Union. Since 1996 he runs his own trading company, focused mostly on former Yugoslavia and providing raw material for local meat industries from Austria, Europe, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, US and Canada.

Manuela Neumann

born 1983, after a decade of experience in daily business at Werner Handle GmbH, she became a co-managing director in 2012. Her expertise ranges from organic food and meat purchase, logistics, finance to HR-Management. Besides work, she obtained a Master´s degree in Entrepreneurship in 2013. At Deromond she was nominated CFO in 2015.

Petra Thaler

attended a higher commercial school and joined to the company in 2000. She is experienced in all daily procedures in the company. She is the co-worker of Manuela Neumann and is well known for her strict jugdement in critical situations.

Claudia Eichler

came from a German bank (!) and watches our financial development since 2005 with accuracy as well as the company´s investments. Additionally she is responsible for internal controlling.

Michaela Häusler
Accounting and Reporting

since 2008 guidelining our fiscal development and ruling us to keep all books clear for the next tax or customs examination.

Lorand Varadi

since 2005 freelance representative for Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. He lives in Budapest and visits the HQ two times a year.



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Werner Handle GmbH is an Austrian-based limited liability company advising corporate groups in the transaction and trade of foodstuffs and commodities in mass demand.

Registered Office:

Werner Handle GmbH
Am Gutshof 1
A-2171 Herrnbaumgarten
Tel: +43 2555 24433
Fax: +43 2555 24433

Handelsgericht Korneuburg
FN 1529258w
UID: ATU41836206

Werner Handle GmbH is represented by its Managing Director


Werner Handle GmbH
Handel von Nahrungs- und Genussmitteln aller Art.
Am Gutshof 1
A-2171 Herrnbaumgarten
Tel: +43 2555 24433
Fax: +43 2555 24433

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Handelsgericht Korneuburg
FN 1529258w
UID: ATU41836206

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