Beer & Beverages Export

Since 2015 our company has established successful co-operations with our Chinese partners, distributing PREMIEUM BEER FROM AUSTRIA to PRC.

Brewery Grieskirchner GmbH recently entered into a business relationship with us and produces our very own new brand  ALPENSTERN* - Wheat Beer with Aromatic Taste.


"We believe in best beer quality and outstanding service."   (Brewery Grieskirchen AG)


Advanced brewing technology warrants highest quality and taste - as well as professional marketing support.


Together we offer you the taste of the Austrian beer culture!

Premium Beer from Austria - Enjoy together!

Brewery Grieskirchner GmbH

Grieskirchner Märzen (Lager) 0,33l or 0,5l

Grieskirchner Pils 0,33l or 0,5l

Grieskirchner Jörger Weisse 0,5l

Grieskirchner Jörger Weisse Dunkel 0,5l

Grieskirchner Das Leichte 0,5l

ALPENSTERN* Alpine Herbs 0,33l

ALPENSTERN* Lemon & Elderflower 0,33l

ALPENSTERN* Raspberry & Violets 0,33l

ALPENSTERN* White Peach & Alpine Herbs 0,33l

What we stand for:

Professional marketing support

Austrian beer culture for the Asian market
Partnerships with market leading brewing companies

Premium Beer from Austria - Taste the Opportunity